Waimea is a quaint, peaceful town in Kauai County, in the state of Hawaii. Not only is it a popular place for tourists and hikers, it is also a wonderful place for people to settle down in after retirement. It provides a calm and soothing atmosphere, amidst the scenic beauty that the town provides. It provides all the comforts and laid back lifestyle that you would expect from a Hawaiian town, while maintaining the bustling activity and vibrancy of a popular tourist spot. It is also in close proximity to a number of towns, making it both accessible and connected. All in all, Waimea is a great place to move to and to live in.


The weather in Waimea is the same as almost every other Hawaiian town. It is sunny and pleasant almost throughout the year, and there aren’t great many fluctuations in the climatic conditions. The town experiences sufficient amount of rainfall, enough to prevent any water shortages or water problems. February experiences the highest amount of rainfall. The average precipitation during this month is 9.69 inches. December also experiences a high amount of rainfall, with an average precipitation of 8.06 inches. August has the least amount of rainfall, and the average precipitation is as low as 0.03 inches. The average minimum temperature in January is 34.6 F, and the average minimum temperature in July is 51.2 F. Waimea very rarely experiences any hurricanes or cyclones and one can enjoy summer outdoor activities throughout the year. In terms of weather, Waimea is an ideal place to live in.

Real estate

Rentals – There are a great number of single family homes and condominiums available for rent in Waimea. Realtors and real estate agents can be contacted for this purpose. If you’re looking to move to Waimea for a short period of time, it is recommended that you take up a place for rent. In general, one year leases are signed. To get an idea of the rent amounts, talking to people in the neighbourhood is recommended.

Property – If you’re looking to move to Waimea for a long period of time, buying a property is the smarter option, as rents come up to as much as mortgage interest rates. Also, it is an ideal time to invest in real estate in Waimea as the median sales prices and numbers of sales are expected to go up in the future. Again, it is important to talk to people and check prices online.


The people form a well-knit community. Their racial make-up is diverse, with Asians making up almost 43% of the population. Waimea is a perfect example of unity in diversity. The residents embrace and celebrate every culture. They are extremely hospitable and friendly. It should not be a problem fitting into such a wonderful community.


Waimea High School provides quality education. There aren’t many other schools or universities in the quiet town. However, due to its close proximity to cities, education is not completely out of reach.


The people of Waimea lead a fairly peaceful life. They have a high standard of living, and enjoy the quiet and beauty of this town. The crime rates are fairly low and the facilities are adequate.


Waimea is small and most of the town’s revenue comes from tourism. The median income for a family is $46,591 and the per capita income is $18,778. The people lead a fairly comfortable life.