The people that live in Koloa take great pride in the town’s history and culture. Hence, a large number of monuments have been preserved. It is homely, and has some of the oldest buildings in Hawaiian history. Tourists from all across the globe have been attracted to this town’s heritage. There are a great number of popular tourist spots. You can never be short of things to do in the quiet town. Whether you’re looking to experience a slice of history, travel back in time, engage in adventure sports or spend a holiday in a relaxed ambience, this town has it all.

Adventure sports

Scuba diving – Shops such as Seasport Divers offer excellent yet affordable rental equipment and offers tours accompanied by experienced and well trained guides. Koloa has a number of popular scuba diving spots nearby.

Snorkelling – Koloa is in close proximity to a number of secluded and pristine beaches where there are a great number of beautiful snorkelling spots. There are shops in the town which sell rental equipment at affordable rates. If required, experienced and trained guides can also be hired.

Hiking – Koloa Heritage Trail is a ten-mile long biking and hiking trail. It is completely free of cost, and provides a scenic walk and ride through Koloa’s rich culture and heritage. It is one of the best ways to explore the town’s spectacular landmarks.

Horseback riding – CJM Country Stables offer excellent horseback rides amidst Koloa’s beautiful scenery. The horses are well-groomed and the staff is well trained and extremely helpful. It makes for an ideal family activity.

Tours and places to visit

Z Tour – This fantastic tour on the south shore of the island of Kauai is guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime. The guides are knowledgeable and extremely nice. Riding the raft and swimming with sea turtles truly make for amazing experiences.

Koloa’s History Centre – For a true experience of Hawaii’s history and rich culture, Koloa’s History Centre must be visited. The staff there does an amazing job of explaining the history of this beautiful town. The tour is a highly informative journey through the town’s past.

Sugar Monument – Koloa is home to one of the oldest sugar plantations in Hawaii. The Sugar Monument and sugar mills attract thousands of tourists from all over the globe annually. It has been preserved over generations and adds to the appeal of the town.

Art galleries – Art is an integral part of Koloa’s culture. Art galleries and art shows regularly showcase the town’s growing artistic talent. The artists make some truly magnificent paintings and artefacts.

Shopping and restaurants

Koloa is home to a number of old fashioned storefronts, which have exquisite collections of Hawaiian art. There are a great number of small shops selling authentic Hawaiian souvenirs. Koa Wood Jewellery and Hale Mana are speciality shops that sell, among other things, antique jewellery. To experience true Hawaiian cuisine, local restaurants must be visited.

Koloa also has a number of bars and clubs. Stevenson’s Library is a great place for tourists. It is a top-notch bar, built out of priceless and rare Koa wood. Papalani Gelato offers the best ice creams and desserts. Koloa Fish Market must be visited if you’re looking to have authentic Hawaiian food. The sushi is excellent and the service is wonderful. Tidepools is another beautiful restaurant that serves great food. The Beach House specialises in seafood and is located amidst a beautiful landscape