Poipu is a beautiful coastal town, located along the southern shore of the island of Kauai. It is a census designated place, belonging to the Kauai County. It is an extremely popular tourist spot, attracting visitors from all across the globe. It is home to a number of beautiful resorts and high end hotels. It also has one main shopping centre, which is a haven for all shopaholics. Poipu is an ideal place for a vacation. Whether you’re looking to have a relaxed weekend at the beach, or engage in adrenaline-charged water sports, there is something to do for everyone in the family, throughout the year.

Adventure sports

Kayaking – Poipu is home to a number of calm jungle streams that are ideal for kayaking. The gear can be rented at nominal rates. Professional guides are also available on request.

Snorkelling – As with any coastal town in Hawaii, snorkelling is a popular and common outdoor activity. Poipu in particular has a number of beautiful snorkelling spots that are ideal for both beginners and experienced persons alike. There are a number of companies that offer snorkel tours, complete with expert guides and excellent equipment. Although these might be a little expensive, they are worth every penny. The guides also explain about the various aquatic life forms present in the waters around Poipu.

Scuba diving – For the more experienced swimmers, Poipu is a real treat. Scuba diving spots are littered throughout this coastal town, with equipment available at low prices.

Surfing – Poipu’s beaches are ideal for beginner surfers. There are also a number of surfing schools that have expert trainers and teach interested tourists the basics of surfing.

Hiking and biking – There are a number of tours and packages where hikes and bike rides are planned out, covering beautiful canyons and amazing landscapes.

Places to visit

Poipu Beach Park – This beach park is ideal for older and younger children alike. The beach is protected and safe. It is an ideal place for swimming and has a couple of wonderful snorkelling and scuba diving spots. All in all, it is an excellent family beach.

McBryde Garden – This botanical garden is a treat for every flower lover. It hosts the rarest of native Hawaiian flora. Its beauty is profound and this garden is part of the not for profit National Tropical Botanical Garden.

Spouting Horn – This geological formation is mainly visited to observe the water which forces its way through a lava tube. This produces a hissing sound and a plume of spray. Ensure that you don’t visit this place on a calm day, as the purpose would then be lost.

Kiahuna Golf Club – This affordable golf club provides a golf course with wonderful scenery and excellent landscapes. Although the course is not particularly great, the views are spectacular.

Shipwrecks Beach – This beautiful beach provides a spectacular view and is an ideal place to surf. For cliff divers and experienced swimmers, this is the ideal beach. However, it is not recommended that novices swim here. It is also a wonderful place to watch the sun set.

Restaurants and shopping

There are a number of wonderful restaurants in Poipu that specialise in local cuisines. Red Salt is one such restaurant that provides excellent food amidst a wonderful atmosphere. Josselin’s Tapas Bar and Grill also specialises in local cuisine and seafood. Poipu Shopping Village is world famous for its malls and excellent exhibitions of local artwork. The Polynesian Dance Show that happens at this centre must not be missed. It is an excellent place to buy souvenirs and local handicrafts.