Makakilo might not be the most popular tourist attraction, but there are a number of tourist spots and a whole range of things to do in this beautiful residential city. It is also in close proximity to popular tourist locations like Kailua and Kapolei. This makes Makakilo an ideal place for a vacation.

Places to visit

Waimea National Audubon Society – Located 0.18 miles from the city centre of Makakilo City, Waimea Valley is of great historical and cultural significance to the Hawaiians. The stone terraces and walls constructed during the time of Hawaiian monarchy are especially beautiful. This valley is now a historical nature park which includes botanical gardens. Located on the Kamehameha Highway, it is open every day of the year except on Christmas and New Year’s Day. An admission fee is charged.

Waimea Bay Beach Park – Located 0.21 miles from the city centre of Makakilo City in the mouth of the Waimea River, it is home to the most spectacular, dangerous and largest waves for surfing in the world. With waves over 20 feet high, it is ranked among the ten top big surf spots in the world. The big wave season is in winter, when surfers from all across the globe visit Waimea Bay Beach to have a surfing experience of a lifetime. Beginners are encouraged to surf during summers when the waves aren’t dangerously high.

Pupukea Beach Park – Located 1.32 miles from the city centre of Makakilo City, Pupukea, meaning “white shell” in Hawaiian, is a long and narrow beach with a rocky shoreline. There are two small beaches located on each end – Three Tables and Shark’s Cove. During summer months, when the surf is low, these make for excellent snorkelling and diving sites. Both these small pockets of beaches have lava formations and tide pools. Occasionally, blowholes can also be seen. The Beach Park is also a conservation area for marine life.

Banzai Pipeline Surfing Area and Sunset Beach Surfing Area, located 1.63 miles and 2.18 miles respectively from the Makakilo City Centre are two other popular surfing spots.

Diamond Head Summit Trail – This is a 1.6 mile historical trail with glimpses of geological and military history of the volcanic Diamond Head crater. The ascent involves going through a lighted tunnel 225 feet long. At the summit, bunkers can be seen on the crater rim. A navigational lighthouse built along the coast beside the crater in 1917 can also be seen.

Barbers Point Lighthouse – This 72 feet tall structure was built in 1933 as a tribute to the captain of a ship that had ran aground on a nearby coral reef in 1769. It is located in Barbers Point Beach Park. Germaine’s Luau is also located here. It makes for a great outing on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Shopping and restaurants

Every tourist spot in Makakilo is lined with small shops selling souvenirs and artefacts. Cuisines from all across the world are available in Makakilo. As Makakilo is a perfect blend of cultures from across the globe, restaurants specialising in particular cuisines are so authentic that it is easy to forget that you’re still in Hawaii! As a tourist, it is best to visit restaurants specialising in the local cuisine for a true taste of Hawaiian food.  Bakeries and pizza places such as Boston’s North End Pizza Bakery and Ba-Le Sandwiches and Bakery are extremely popular for their affordable and fantastic pizzas, cakes and sandwiches. Assagio, located at 777 Kamokila Blvd, Ste A, Makakilo City is another popular and highly recommended fine-dining restaurant