The majority of activities that a tourist or resident can do in Lanikai is limited to the Lanikai Beach, which has been consistently rated as the best in the country by several reviewers for a significant period of time. It is a fairly secluded beach enveloped on one side by the residential area and the other side by the ocean, of course.

The Lanikai Beach is fairly small, despite all the popularity and is no more than ½ a mile in length. However, this small stretch is among the most beautiful spots in the entire region. From spending an idyllic day on the beach to adventure sports, everything can be possible here. However, note that there are no facilities i.e. eateries, public conveniences and other services available. If it is possible to arrange for adventure sports such as parasailing or snorkeling or scuba diving, it is the best place to do the same.

Access to the beach is not very prominent and is a well kept secret by the residents of Lanikai. The way to the beach is hidden between roads and houses and for this reason it is accessible only on foot. There is no parking available but bicycles should be able to make it to the powdery, soft white sand of this breathtakingly beautiful beach.

Once on the beach, a great idea would be to either swim, canoe or kayak to the twin islands of Na and Mokulua. The water is very clear and there is hardly any risk of shark attacks. However, jellyfish can be seen floating around in the ocean and it is best to carry some form of antidote when visiting the beach.

Most of participants of these activities are the residents of the Lanikai, especially through the large number of clubs and community events. There are several kayaking and canoeing clubs and a special one for rafting. Moreover, interested tourists or residents can seek the advice of these clubs for the right technique and more importantly, the best time of the day to enter the water.

During the off season, and especially on weekdays the number of people on this beach is virtually zero which would be a great time to visit, especially if on vacation. However, it does tend to get a little crowded on weekends and on holidays as every resident of the area is looking for a chance to just relax on this gorgeous beach!

Apart from the beach, the other attraction would be the hiking trails that populate the region. Most of them are carved into the lush tropical forest and they pass through the pillboxes from World War II. The views from the hiking trails are impressive with the ocean taking up most of the panorama. The best way to enjoy hiking is to find the perfect route, which again is known to the residents of Lanikai. The forests are a beautiful place in themselves and are easily among Lanikai’s best kept secrets. It is possible to see a variety of flowers and plants that are not available anywhere else in the world. Just remember that it is best to avoid touching, smelling or tasting any of them because of the possibility of poisonous strains. Always carry a knife or another weapon in case of snakes, which make their presence known in the forest.

Lanikai is located just 20 minutes from Kailua which has a good metropolitan lifestyle. Shopping, especially for local artifacts is a good experience and is something everyone should try out.