The Ko Olina Resort is a beautiful stretch of land spread over 642 acres and situated in Oahu, Hawaii. It is swiftly making its way to being called as one of the most favoured holiday destinations in the world. The intricately planned resort has plenty to offer to a vacationer.  From breath-taking views from beautiful hotels to a variety of leisure activities for recreation like water sports, golf, fishing etc are available here. This place promises one a perfect holiday, full Hawaiian style. Here is taking a look at the variety of things that are there to do in this visitor’s paradise.   

Water Sports

Water Sports here would allow you to enjoy snorkelling, diving, sport fishing, boating etc. Snorkel tours are a must to take once you are here. It is a great experience and takes you through an amazingly breathtaking under-water tour. You have the wonderful opportunity to come across tropical fish in brilliant colours, spot spinning dolphins, magnificent sea turtles, humpback whales etc. Sport fishing is another great experience especially if you manage to get your hands on some. If you want to go boating and would like the boat only to yourself then you can avail the option of a boat charter. All in all, water sports here are an utterly thrilling experience that every vacationer will enjoy.


Ko Olina offers its visitors a great variety of shopping options. From bustling market places to boutiques, the place consists of numerous interesting locations selling both big brands and local made specialties from where the vacationers can pick up an assortment of items.  From clothes to edibles to souvenirs and mementos, there is an availability of everything one would look for both in terms of variety and quality. Some of the stores that vacationers can visit are Ko Olina Marina Shop, Golf Shop, Ihilani Boutique, and Marriott’s Marketplace etc.


Ko Olina Golf Club is an 18 hole Golf Course designed by Ted Robinson and features a Ko Olina Golf Academy too. The location is extremely picturesque and the golf club is suitable for players of all levels. The clubhouse also comprises of a restaurant and its own golf shop. So if you are somebody who knows a thing or two about golf and want to unwind, then you have just found the right place.


A refreshing holiday wouldn’t be refreshing enough if it didn’t include a rejuvenating spa treatment. The Ko Olina Resort and Marina comprise of three wonderful spas, namely, Ihilani Spa, Aulani Spa and the Marriott’s Spa. These spas use ancient Hawaii treatments for rejuvenation of the body and include massage, facial, wraps, scrubs and other such body treatments.  There are salons and parlours for all other beauty treatments too, along with meditation grounds and Zen gardens too.


Ko Olina comprises of some fantastic dining joints serving multi cuisine food including American, Japanese, continental and seafood to name a few.  There are above a dozen eateries including the famous Roy’s restaurant, which is situated in the KO Olina Golf Club, Paradise Cove Luau, and Naupaka Terrace etc. The resort also hosts two shows namely Fia Fia Polynesian Show and Stars Above Hawaii which feature some excellent food.

The beauty of the place and the exquisite wedding chapels situated here make it a favoured location for destination weddings. On the whole, if beaches are what one is looking for on a holiday, Ko Olina comes out as the undisputed winner. From grand hotels and villa resorts to beautiful white sand beaches and clear blue oceans, the place ensures that your holiday is filled with great sights, relaxation and more adventure sports you can shake a fist at!