Perched on the slopes of the beautiful Hualalai Mountain, Keauhou offers the most exotic of experiences in Hawaii with its facilities for whale-watching, snorkelling with Manta Rays and its famous Keauhou Beach Resort that takes luxury to an entirely different level. Authentic Hawaiian cuisine is served in many famous restaurants in the Sheraton and Outrigger while indigenously grown Hawaiian food products can be bought at the Keauhou Farmer’s Market.

Between the endless number of services offered for snorkelling, scuba diving and other such water-sports, Keauhou’s renowned resorts and spas and the Kona Country Club for golf-lovers, one can never fall short of enjoyable experiences when at Keauhou.

Sea Paradise Tours

These tours are a favourite among tourists visiting Keauhou for the packages that they offer. Activities include plenty of water sports such as diving, snorkelling, morning sail and dive trips in Kealakekua Bay and to the Red Hill. The packages not only include affordable equipment for these sports but are also inclusive of breakfast, lunch and beverages. Sea Paradise also offers the world-famous Manta Ray tours at night where one can spot these gentle sea creatures that are characteristic of Hawaii.

Keauhou Farmers Market

This market is situated near the Keauhou Shopping Centre in south Kailua-Kona and is highly popular among locals and tourists alike. It is sponsored by the Kona County Farm Bureau and provides an outlet for domestic farmers to sell indigenously grown Hawaiian food. The Keauhou Farmers Market has been running for about six years now and has a wide range of products ranging from three different types of spinach to 100 % Kona coffee which is one of its most popular products.

Kim Taylor Reece Gallery

The gallery is named after the world renowned artist, Kim Taylor Reece, who is Hawaii’s top fine arts photographer. Kim has travelled and researched on hula kahiko for about 25 years on 37 different Pacific Islands. His award winning photography has brought him 15 Pele Awards, Travel Journalism Awards and several other laurels of national and international level.

Dolphin Discoveries

This package offers snorkelling to Cook’s monument at Kealakekua Bay, which is one of Hawaii’s most beautiful marine sanctuaries. Dolphin Discoveries is renowned for their facilities for whale and dolphin watching which run throughout the year. The package provides a unique opportunity to swim with spinner dolphins and pilot and humpback whales in their natural habitat through this tour.

Rafting is also available, in which visitors are taken in small groups to view exotic sea caves, lava tubes and the beautiful coastline.

Outrigger Beach Resort, Keauhou

One of the best resorts in Hawaii, the Outrigger has unique experiences to offer, such as the antiquities of ancient heiau temples which have been carefully preserved for their historical significance. It also has gardens full of lush kukui, hala and `ulu trees that are native to Hawaii. Tide pools with sea turtles are a delight to visitors and several activities unique to the hotel such as Hawaiian games and an introductory course in Hawaiian language and chant make this resort a particularly enjoyable experience.

Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort

One of Hawaii’s most luxurious beach resorts, the Sheraton offers rejuvenating spa treatments, unique luau food and pools with Manta Rays that combine to give one a most memorable experience at Keauhou. It has an open-air Ho’ola Spa that provides an international massage experience and a number of traditional Hawaiian treatments. It also houses four restaurants, with the Manta Ray Bar and Grill and Sliders Pool Bar being famous for their breathtaking oceanic views.

Kona Country Club

For golf-lovers, Kona Country Club offers one of the best golfing experiences in Hawaii. It is situated in Keauhou just 6 miles away from the town of Kona. It offers spectacular oceanic and mountain views with excellent facilities for golfing in its Mountain Course and Ocean Course. The Vista Restaurant at the club is situated alongside the ocean and provides both American and exotic Hawaiian cuisines.