Kailua is a great tourist attraction. The area is abuzz with activity and people from all genres of life. The Kailua beach is renowned as one of the best Hawaii beaches. For adventure, there are a number of water and adventure sports and for leisure, there are amazing shopping centres and resorts and pristine beaches. You can never be short of things to do in Kailua.

Adventure sports

Snorkelling - Snorkelling is a popular activity in Kailua. The abundance of coral reefs makes it a very popular activity and with the right snorkelling group, it is even possible to swim with the dolphins. There is the option of night snorkelling as well for an out of the world experience! The beaches along the Kailua coast make for great snorkelling sites and Kailua beach is easily the best and most popular of them all.

Surfing - Whether it is for beginners of expert surfers, the waves on the Kailua coast have something for everyone! There are several surfing classes available for newbies in the area. Surf Schools Hawaii and FBI Surf School are among the popular ones and are reasonably priced for their quality of training. 

Olomana Three Peaks Trail - This is among the best of the hiking trails in the region and as the name says covers a fairly rugged terrain through a tropical forest. Some great sights come in the package and it is not for the unfit. It is not very far from the city (about 2.5 miles) and a good sunny day can be spent here.

Maunawili Falls - Another hiking trail and this one has a waterfall thrown in for free. As the hike progresses, the elevation increases and the waterfalls come closer. At the peak, a view of the entire region awaits hikers who make it there! This trail is not for inexperienced hikers and requires great energy. A mere 1.5 miles from the city centre and takes about 12 hours for the average hiker.

Places to visit

Lanikai Beach - Located in the residential area of Lanikai beach, this ½ mile stretch of paradise is rated as the best beach in the country by several magazines. It is relatively empty on weekdays but gets quite full on weekends. Great views and amazing water are the highlights of it but there are no facilities and it is best to go fully packed, and that includes food and water as well.

Kawai Nui Marsh - Something out of the ordinary for the wildlife and nature enthusiast. It is located amidst the tropical forest that is characteristic of the region and has some interesting wildlife to see. Guided tours are available but it is best to go by yourself and enjoy a relaxed stroll. The name might sound like the swamps of the wild but it quite the opposite thanks to the tranquil environment.

Kailua beach - A visit to Kailua is incomplete without spending time at the beach. It is known to be the best in Hawaii. The white sand, crystal blue waters and serenity of the beach make it one of the best in the world.

Shopping and restaurants

The city centre is dotted with a variety of shopping areas and eateries alike. The Kailua Square shopping area is the biggest one in the region and it features several boutiques, restaurants in authentic Hawaii style. In addition to the best brands, Hawaii specific merchandise is available on the street and this is the type of shopping for tourists. There is something interesting for everyone to take back home for a memory.