Kilauea is touted for its beautiful waterfalls, vast tropical rainforests wild terrains and green mountains. Not only is it a perfect vacation destination, it is also a wonderful place to live in.


Kilauea is a coastal town and its climate is typical of that of other Hawaiian tropical towns. It is rainy with sunny skies almost throughout the year. There are no extremities in climate conditions. It is rarely affected by tropical storms and hurricanes. The rainfall is adequate and ensures that there are no water shortages or water problems. The average precipitation in January is 1.28 inches and in June it is 0.33 inches. February is the wettest month, with an average precipitation of 9.89 inches. The gentle weather and acceptable average temperature are suitable for year-round summer activities. In January, the average temperature is 42.6 F while in July the average temperature is 59.3 F. In terms of weather, Kilauea is an ideal place to live in.

Real estate

Rentals – There are a great number of single family homes and condominiums that are available for rent. In general, one year leases are signed. The rent rates vary depending on the size of the house, its location and whether it is furnished or unfurnished. Ensure that you go through a trusted realtor and do a survey of the neighbourhood to get an idea of the rental prices. Renting a house or condominium would be the best option if you are moving to Kilauea for a short period of time.

Property – Kilauea Real estate is going through a rough phase but is expected to re-emerge. Thus, if you’re looking to stay in Kilauea for a long period of time it is advisable to buy a house instead of renting. The median sales prices are low, and the mortgage rates are affordable. It can also be seen as a long term investment with guaranteed returns as the real estate market is predicted to grow and expand.


The people of Kilauea form a well-knit community. They have a strong sense of culture and heritage and readily embrace new cultures. The population is about 2,200. Most of the residents are Caucasians and Asians. The people are friendly and hospitable. They are ready to offer help and try and ensure that every new resident feels a part of the community. They lead a relaxed and peaceful life, have a high standard of living and enjoy all the comforts that a modern town provides.


Kilauea has a number of good public schools which provide quality education. There are approximately 17 students to every teacher. The government spends $5,927 on every student thus ensuring that every student is provided excellent education.


The people of Kilauea enjoy a high standard of living. They lead a comfortable life. The quality of life is high and the cost of living is almost 67% lower than other American states. The crime rates are fairly low. The town is very well connected and the transportation facilities are good.


Kilauea’s revenue is dependent on tourism, culture and tropical products. The residents therefore try hard to promote the town’s culture, history and art. This fragile town’s fate is often moulded by intense volcanic activity. Thus, the government is also taking measures to boost the town’s potential with respect to tourism. The unemployment rates are low.