Kalaheo is small, beautiful town located in the southern shore of the island of Kauai, in the state of Hawaii. It is a popular vacation retreat, renowned for its pristine beauty and peaceful ambience. It is also an ideal place for senior citizens looking to live their lives after retirement in peace. Its residents and visitors lead a fairly comfortable life with all basic amenities taken care of, making Kalaheo a great place to relocate to.


Being a tropical town, Kalaheo experiences a pleasant climate throughout the year. There are no extreme weather conditions. The town experiences no snowfall. February experiences the highest amount of rainfall and August experiences the lowest. The average precipitation in February is 9.69 cm, whereas in August the average precipitation is 0.03 cm. December and January also experience heavy rainfall. The average temperature in January is 42.6 F, and July is usually the hottest, the average temperature being 59.3 F. In terms of weather, Kalaheo is an ideal place to move to.

Real estate

Rentals – There are a number of single family homes and condominiums available on rent. Generally, one year leases are the most common. The rent varies depending on the locality, size of the house and whether it is furnished or unfurnished. Before signing a lease, ensure that you talk to people in the neighbourhood to find out authentic information about the locality and rent rates, so that you aren’t taken for a ride.

Property – If you’re looking to move to Kalaheo for a long period of time, it is advisable to buy a house or a condominium rather than signing one year leases. The Kalaheo real estate prices have decreased in comparison to the previous years and the mortgage rates are affordable and flexible. Now is the best time to buy a single family home or a condominium as the rates are expected to rise.


The people of Kalaheo are friendly and hospitable. They form a well-knit community even though their racial make-up is diverse. Of the entire population, 40.0% are White, 0.2% are African American, 0.2% are Native American, 29.6% are Asian, 3.9% are Pacific Islander and 11.5% are Hispanics and Latinos. The residents lead a peaceful life and embrace other cultures. They readily welcome and accept new residents into their community.


Although there is only one public school in this small town, it provides quality education. Higher education, however, is not available in the town. As Kalaheo is in close proximity to a number of bigger towns, its residents generally travel to these towns for pursing higher education.


The people of Kalaheo enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and high standard of living. The cost of living is the same as the Hawaii average. The ambience is relaxed. Residents also engage in a great number of outdoor sports such as surfing and snorkelling. Kalaheo is also a popular tourist spot. The transportation facilities are good for a small town. The crime rates are low and the town has a fairly competent police force.


Although Kalaheo is a small town, it is a beautiful and popular tourist spot. Thus it generates a major portion of its revenue from the tourism industry. The median income for a household is $57,813. For a family, this is $63,650. The per capita income is $23,501. Only 2.4% of the population and 1.5% of families are below the poverty line. Even though Kalaheo is not the biggest contributor to Hawaii’s revenue, it is fairly self-sustained.