Princeville is a census designated town, located along the northern shore of the island of Kauai. It belongs to the Kauai County in the state of Hawaii. With a population of almost 1700, this quiet and peaceful town has over the years attracted seekers of a calm and gentle lifestyle. It is a retreat for a great number of retired people. It satisfies the basic needs of all its residents, while still maintaining its status as a popular tourist spot. It is well connected to other towns in Hawaii and is very accessible. It is indeed a wonderful place to move to and to live in.


As in seen in every other Hawaiian coastal town, Princeville has a climate that is sunny yet pleasant almost throughout the year. Princeville does not experience any extreme climatic conditions such as hurricanes, cyclones or torrential rains. Its climate is good enough to enjoy outdoor activities almost throughout the year. In short, it has a moderate climate almost throughout the year.

The precipitation is enough to prevent any water problems or water shortages. In January, the average temperature is 42.6F while in July it is 59.3F. There is not much of a temperature difference between the day and night during summers or winters. The average annual precipitation is 31.90 inches. February experiences the most amount of rainfall, of almost 10 inches. December also experiences a good amount of precipitation of more than 8 inches. August is the driest month, with an average precipitation of 0.03 inches. In terms of weather, Princeville is an ideal place to move to and to live in.

Real estate

Rentals – Although Princeville is a small town, it is not short of homes or condominiums available on rent. In general, apartments are rented out on one-year leases. The rent amount varies depending on where the house is located, its size and on whether it is furnished or not. Beach-facing houses are in general more expensive. It is a good idea to do a survey of the neighbourhood you are looking to live in, before signing the lease. If you are moving to Princeville for a short period of time, it is quite obviously recommended that you take up a house on rent.

Property Princeville real estate has undergone a steady decline. The median sales prices are at an all-time low. There has been a decline of almost 50% in the median sales prices over the past 5 years. Hence, if you’re looking to move to Princeville and reside for a long period of time, it is recommended that you purchase your own single family home or condominium instead of living on rent. The sales prices are affordable, and now would be an ideal time for a purchase.


The people of Princeville form a close and well-knit community. Despite the diverse racial makeup, they lead peaceful lives. The residents are extremely hospitable, friendly and accommodative. They embrace and celebrate every culture present in this small town. New residents would thus find no difficulty in fitting in and being a part of this community of wonderful people.


Education is not Princeville strong point. There aren’t a great number of schools providing quality education. Residents generally turn to cities for schooling.


Residents of Princeville lead fairly comfortable and hassle free lives. The crimes rates are low and amenities are adequate. The residents live in a peaceful environment and the crime rates are fairly low.


Princeville’s main source of revenue is tourism. The per capita income is still as high as $37,971. The citizens maintain a high standard of living.