Kapolei is second to only Honolulu in size and is the growing to be the second urban centre of Oahu. It has high income levels, and the people lead an urban lifestyle with high standard of living. Kapolei is also a great tourist spot, offering various adventure spots and tours for tourists as well as its residents.


Being a coastal area, Kapolei enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year. It is generally sunny throughout the year, and there aren’t any extreme weather conditions. January experiences an annual rainfall of 4.1 inches whereas August has an annual rainfall of 0.4 inches, with August and January being the driest and wettest months respectively. The average high temperature in August is 92 F and the average low temperature is 62 F. In January, the average high temperature is 80 F and the average low temperature is 61F. These mild weather conditions coupled with sufficient rainfall make Kapolei an ideal place to live in terms of weather.

Real estate

Rentals – There are a great number of single-family homes and condominiums available for rent. For a short-term stay, it is ideal to rent a house for a short period of time. Most leases come with a one-year contract. The prices vary depending on whether the house is furnished or unfurnished, the locality and the size. There are houses available for almost every budget. Before going through with a contract, make sure that everything is in place and the documents are thoroughly checked.

Property – If you’re looking to settle down in Kapolei, or are moving to Kapolei for a long period of time, it is sensible to buy a house. The prices have gone down as compared to the previous year and now would be a good time to purchase a house. The median sales price for homes in Kapolei was $405,000 as of August 2011. While purchasing a property and obtaining a mortgage, it is, for obvious reasons, recommended that you go through a trusted, licensed and registered realtor.


The people of Kapolei are helpful and friendly and have a strong sense of community. As Kapolei is a popular tourist spot, they are used to the regular influx of tourists and are hence extremely hospitable. Their work culture is equally strong but they’ve been known to kick back and have fun too!


There are a number of quality healthcare services that are provided. These include state-of-the-art hospitals, adult day care centres and nursing units complete with an Alzheimer’s unit. Health management, physical and occupational therapy services are also provided.


Over the past decade, the number of job opportunities has nearly doubled to 36,000. Over the next ten years, it is expected to further grow to more than 53,000. Kapolei is also growing to be the second urban centre of Oahu, which would only open up more employment opportunities.


Kapolei provides quality school education. Kapolei High School is the region’s newest high school, with its first class graduating in 2004. Campbell High School is one of Hawaii’s schools renowned for its high academic achievements. It was the first to be accredited with the International Baccalaureate (IB).  The number of private schools is small, but is growing. Post- secondary education is provided at UH West Oahu, Leeward Community College, and The University of Phoenix.


Kapolei is a growing urban area. It is also a popular tourist spot. This combination is responsible for the fast-paced but fun lifestyle of its residents. As of 2002, the median income of the residents was reportedly $62,303, second in the island of Oahu. The residents thus experience a quality standard of living, but give great importance to education.