Mililani is primarily a residential area. It was developed with an aim of providing affordable and quality standard of living for its residents. It is therefore not a major tourist spot. However, its residents have a strong sense of culture and there are music performances, dances, plays and other activities happening all year long. It is also in close proximity to major tourist spots like Kailua and Kapolei. Although it is landlocked, beautiful beaches and snorkelling and diving spots are located within a few miles. This makes for an ideal vacation spot for the entire family.

Places to visit

Mililani Golf Club – The Sports Shinko Rainbow Open, where Hawaii’s top professionals compete, takes place in this golf club. This is also one of the most scenic golf courses. The view from every hole is breathtakingly beautiful. Even if golf isn’t the first thing you’d want to do on a vacation, the mere location of this club is enough to change your mind.

Fun Factory – This amusement park might not be the best in the country, but it is a place where the entire family can relax and have fun. It is a great place, especially for children. The rides are not dangerous but still ensure that everyone has a good time.

Recreation centres – There are six recreation centres in Mililani which have facilities that include swimming pools, badminton and tennis courts and facilities for indoor games. There are activities that happen almost every day.

Town centre – The Town centre of Mililani is one of the most eventful places in the town. There are events, competitions, and fun games organised almost every day. The weekends and Fridays are particularly packed with activity. Plays, music and dance performances, and other shows happen on the centre stage. Local bands are given a chance to perform every weekend. There are also a number of classes and workshops that are organised. Fairs and family bingo sessions happen every week. During the festive season, special shows are staged and competitions are held. It is indeed a great place where the entire town comes together. If you’re looking to get real knowledge about the town’s culture and its people, this is the place to go to.

Beaches, ranches, memorials and museums are located in towns and cities which are a few miles from the town. The mountains and well-maintained highways make for an amazing drive to these places. The parks and other community centres within Mililani are also great places to visit.

Shopping and restaurants

Mililani has its own community shopping centre which has everything starting from local handicrafts and souvenirs to the latest fashion clothing. There are also a number of small shops that sell exquisite artefacts. The town centre often has fairs where residents put up stalls which sell handicrafts.

Sizzler is a chain of seafood and steak restaurants which have a great selection of food. The ambience is wonderful and the food is affordable and delicious. Phuket Thai is a special chain of Thai food restaurants offering the best Thai food in town. There are a number of other fast food joints and fine dining restaurants which make quality food. During festivals such as the Okinawa festival, exquisite varieties of dishes are available.