Pearl City has on offer to residents and visitors a range of fun activities that can satisfy everyone. They range from fine dining to nature adventures and with a little traveling, even active water sports or a relaxed day on the beach.

District Parks

Pearl City is dotted with a large number of parks that showcase the nature’s lush, tropical landscape. They are filled with a variety of trees and though are not exactly natural, make for a great visit. It is best to leave in the forenoon and spend the day till evening exploring the park. The best of the parks in the area include Pearl City District Park, Manana Community Park, Walau District Park and Pacific Palisades Community Park. The community parks in some cases are restricted so it is best to check online before going to avoid disappointment. Most of them are free and the few that charge for entry are also priced very nominally so there is nothing to worry about.

Dining and Gourmet

As is typical to many residential areas in the region and the country as a whole, there are several fine dining options available that have a range of cuisines. Whether it is Italian, Mexican or authentic local fare, there is bound to be something to satiate everyone’s taste buds. Most of them are concentrated in the Kamehameha Highway but every residential community should have a great restaurant within its vicinity. Among the popular ones are Stuart Anderson’s Cattle Company for western hospitality, Dlago’s Taco Shop for great Mexican food, Buzz’s Original Steak House for budget dining and Yummy Korean BBQ for authentic Far Eastern food.

Asian food clearly dominates in the region because of the large number of Asian residents. Thai, Japanese and Chinese restaurants are common and every street should have at least one of each and the best part is that each one is a unique experience on its own. Trying out a new restaurant will be exciting and since the prices are reasonable, the food might just appeal to you more!


Retail therapy is not exactly possible in Pearl City but the rest of the shops more than make up for it. For some budget shopping, this is the place to be and from jewelry to shoes to clothes, it is all there in Pearl City. Pearl Highlands Center has everything imaginable, including free Wi-Fi! High end shopping can be done at Pearl City Shopping Center which features a number of popular brands and designer labels.

Around Pearl City

Pearl City in itself doesn’t have much for tourists but in less than a 10 mile radius are the great attractions of Honolulu and other seaside communities. These include Kailua, Lanikai and the like with their great beaches. Honolulu has great hiking trails, shopping and even the zoo. Of historical interest is the Battleship Missouri Memorial. Other historical sites related to the unfortunate events of Pearl Harbor are scattered around and are of some interest. Museums of famous warships are well maintained and make for a good trip for the entire family.

Due to the high concentration of residences and lack of tourists in the region, there is not much on offer. Water sports and beach hopping are only an hour’s drive away and the surrounding beaches are best dealt with over the weekend. In addition, nature trails, apart from the ones in Honolulu, are abundant and they traverse the tropical jungles in the region.