Maui is full of little neighborhoods and towns. All of which give off their own unique living experience. The overall real estate market on Maui is prospering, as Hawaii has actually started to recover a lot faster than most other real estate markets around the nation. There are several interesting real estate areas on Maui. From bustling cities full of life and commerce (Kihei and Kahului) to smaller laid back towns and neighborhoods (Lahaina and Wailuku), real estate on Maui is in full swing and you should take advantage of the opportunity.

There are plenty of single-family homes, townhouses and condos available throughout Maui. All of which offer their own unique and interesting take on living.

Kihei is a wonderful city on Maui that sits on the sunny south shore of the island. Hawaiians used to refer to the area of Kihei as "Kama?ole" which means "barren." However, barren is the last thing you imagine when you first set foot into this south Maui city. Shopping, restaurants, and beaches all help lend to the fact that Kihei is anything but barren.

What you will find in Kihei is more of an “old-school” look, as many of the buildings from the 1970’s remain. The town of Kihei doesn’t look old or dirty, in fact, quite the opposite, but those who live in Kihei on Maui’s south shore so in fact appreciate a more local lifestyle flavor.

Wailea is known for its amazing beaches (crescent shaped beaches) and even more well known for its world-renowned golf courses. If you want to own a single-family home, townhouse or condo in Wailea the prices are a bit higher. However, there is really nowhere else on Maui that gives you some of the luxurious living and amenities that Wailea does.

Home to some of the most amazing crescent shaped beaches you will ever find, Wailea sits on south Maui and is a city where you can see the coast from almost anywhere. The golf course are amazing, with some of the best courses in all of Hawaii being built in this area. Not only that, but when you play a round you can see the coast and the mighty Pacific from almost all the golf courses.

Other cities on Maui include:

  • Lahaina
  • Makena
  • Kahului
  • Up Country

Whatever city you may choose – and there are many more on Maui, one thing is certain. The Real Estate prospects on Maui are interesting and unique. Why not dig a little deeper to find that single-family home, townhouse or condo that is perfect for you?

Don’t just buy a home, buy an investment when you purchase Real Estate on Maui.