The Big Island (Hawaii Island) is bigger than all of the other Hawaiian islands combined. Surprisingly enough, even though there is much more land mass than Oahu, the Real Estate market is much smaller. This is because much of the land of the Big Island is either private or you would not want to build on it anyway because of the volcano.

This doesn’t mean that the real estate market on the Big Island is bad, it is just smaller. The best thing about buying Real Estate on the Big Island (besides the obvious choice of owning property in Hawaii) is the fact that you can buy land and property in Hawaii for mainland rates. That’s right, the Big Island more than any other Hawaiian island offers more mainland like prices, mainly because there is so much available and the population of the Big Island does not demand as much as Oahu.

That being said, the Big Island offers some amazing single-family homes, townhouses and condos that are unique and interesting and sure to please. The overall real estate market is healthy, and it is definitely a buyer’s market so great deals are posted all over the Big Island.

Another unique advantage to buying real estate on the Big Island is that you can buy and make it seem like an island feeling, or you can buy more inward and feel like you are living on the mainland. There is so much land available that many parts of the Big Island don’t feel like an island at all. This allows for an interesting feel for many buyers, as some buy and take advantage of this aspect.

The Big Island has perhaps some of the most recognizable and unique destinations in the world. From the hikes and valleys to the black sand beaches, Big Island living is second to none when it comes to adventure and family friendly living. With good schools, great communities and a laid back way of life, the Big Island is an ideal place to buy Real Estate.

If you are serious about owning a single-family home, townhouse or condo on the Big Island and want to take advantage of the prices and space, then take a few minutes to really dig into all the aspects of the real estate marketplace on the Big Island.

A wonderful single-family home, townhouse or condo awaits you on Hawaii’s biggest island, the Big island of Hawaii.