No matter where you are in the world, when you think of Hawaii you think, ‘fun in the sun’ or ‘tropical paradise.’ As one of the top vacation spots in the entire world, especially in the cold winter months, planning ahead for vacation rentals in the Diamond Head neighborhood of Honolulu is of prime importance.

Investor’s Paradise

It wouldn’t be right to talk about Diamond Head rental properties without first making note of the fact that this is truly one of the last remaining investor’s paradises in the United States. Over time other vacations spots have become a bit too congested with local residents snatching up all the prime pieces of real estate and even the southern cities on the mainland are just not as desirable as Diamond Head. For a good return on your investment, consider buying vacation rental properties in this popular tourist neighborhood while they can still be found.

The Availability of Vacation Rentals in Diamond Head

Since Diamond Head is one of the most desirable vacation locations because of its close proximity to the ever popular Waikiki, rentals start to book up quite well in advance. Fortunately, visitors tend to come back year after year, so most people know enough to book at least six months prior to vacationing here. If, for some reason, you are having a difficult time locating the right size apartment, condo or one of the scattered vacation rental single family residences in one area of Diamond Head, such as the upscale and trendy Kahala subdivision, there are other areas as well. You might want to consider a vacation rental in Diamond Head subdivisions such as Kaimuki, Hawaii Loa Ridge or even in the nearby neighborhood to the east, Hawaii Kai.

The Benefits of Renting in Diamond Head

Of course everyone worldwide is familiar with Honolulu on the island of Oahu, but when they think of this major hub of Hawaiian activity they tend to think of beaches like Waikiki. Unfortunately, that drives the prices of vacation rentals up in those trendy areas because of the basic laws of supply and demand. While Diamond Head is also a neighborhood in Honolulu, it is not quite as well publicized as Waikiki so rates tend to stay a bit lower and it is just minutes away from Waikiki. Vacation rentals can be found which are actually quite reasonable if you know which areas to look in and remember book well enough in advance.

Not only can you enjoy all the same amazing locations that you would in more touristy areas of Honolulu, but you can find vacation rentals in Diamond Head which are more affordable most of the time. In fact, tourist attractions like the Diamond Head State Monument (Diamond Head Crater) with the historic WWII tunnel are popular spots visited by those vacationing in Waikiki after having their fill of beaches. Even so, Diamond Head also sports a fabulous beach, which means that if you’ve come for a little R&R in the sun, you’ll find it here as well. If you are looking for a vacation rental in paradise, you’ve come to the right place.