Pearl City falls under the category of census designated places and is situated on the island of Oahu in the Ewa District and within the City and County of Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii. Pearl City and the neighboring areas are well known because of their historical significance. The north shore of Pearl Harbor is the exact location of Pearl City. The area can be classified in general as a middle income region and has a reasonable quality of living. While the quality of living may not be as high as that of neighboring urban and upscale regions, it is still above the national average and is a great place to live for families and young people alike.

Living in Pearl City

Pearl City is a primarily residential area with a population close to 48000 according to the last census conducted in 2010. It is among the well known residential neighborhoods in the Honolulu area and most of the residents are employed in various average income jobs in the neighboring areas. It is one of the few residential areas that have no direct access to the ocean or a beach but it is not very far from either of them.

Most of the Pearl City houses here are individually owned properties with around 20% as rentals. Unlike the coastal areas in the Honolulu area, this one is not dominated by tourists. It is one of the few neighborhoods that house primarily a resident population. This is an ideal neighborhood to live in for long term residents and especially for families. The type of housing in the area varies from townhouses and condominiums to apartments and individual homes. The range is pretty diverse and potential residents are sure to find something suitable.

The large population renders the area quite busy and diverse. The population is predominantly Asian (nearly 54%) and the next highest racial demographic is white (17.1%).


The climate in the region is typical to that of any coastal or island town. It is pretty humid all through the year and the temperature varies between 65 and 85ºF. Due to the location, it is fairly wet too and the average annual rainfall comes in at 26 inches per annum. The weather is pleasant all year round and it rains almost on a daily basis. The large amount of precipitation maintains the natural landscape of the surrounding region which makes for a good break for most of the residents of Pearl City.


As mentioned above, the majority of the population is of Asian origin and living among residents of Pearl City is just like living in the suburb of any metropolis. There is some communal activity going on at all times but it is not as profound as in other smaller neighborhoods. However, the housing communities are quite closely knit and so are racial groups, though in a productive and helpful manner. It is easy to find other people of similar interests here and enjoy the weekend with some hobby or the other.

Quality of Life

As a residential neighborhood, the quality of life is fairly high and well above the national average. It has great access to public facilities and essentials such as hospitals and schools. The schools in the region are run by the Hawaii Department of Education and there are publicly funded primary, middle and high schools. In addition, private schools are also available. Sports and recreational facilities are available to residents too but most of the housing areas provide for them separately. Unemployment rate is low at 4.2% and only about 4% of the population is below the poverty line.