Princeville is a wonderful coastal town, located along the northern shore of the island of Kauai. It is an excellent tourist spot, annually attracting visitors and tourists from all across the world. Being a coastal town, there is never a moment of boredom in this peaceful town. Whether it is the wonderful golf courses, the world renowned Princeville Ranch, or the beautiful beaches, this town makes for an ideal place for a vacation. There is something to do for every member of the family, and you will never fall short of things to do.

Adventure sports

Like any other coastal town in Hawaii, adventure sports are one of the main attractions for tourists. Even residents engage in a number of adrenaline charged outdoor sports and activities.

Kayaking – For the calm adventure seekers, however ironical that might sound, kayaking is the ideal outdoor activity. Princeville has wonderful streams to go kayaking in, and take in the beauty of this town.

Surfing – Although Princeville’s Beaches aren’t particularly popular for surfing, they provide an excellent opportunity for beginners to better their skills. There are a number of trained professionals who take classes particularly for tourists.

Snorkelling – Princeville has a number of wonderful snorkelling spots that let you experience a slice of the wonderful aquatic life. Equipment can be rented at nominal rates and guides can also be hired.

Scuba diving – No trip to a Hawaiian coastal town is complete without scuba diving and swimming amongst aquatic life forms. Scuba diving gear can be rented from one of the many shops on the beach front.

Sailing – Island sails is a wonderful trip where you get to sail through the Hawaiian waters. This tour is complete with a wonderful guide, who gives you authentic information about Hawaii’s rich culture, traditions and history. With the beauty of the Hawaiian waters, and breath-taking landscapes, this tour is indeed guaranteed to be a once in a lifetime experience.

Places to visit

Ahonui Botanical Gardens – These botanical gardens are home to native Hawaiian flora and rare wild flowers. The tours are a wonderful experience as the tour guides have in depth knowledge about the different species and the history of the town. They also have excellent communication skills and do a great job of explaining the various varieties of flowers found in the gardens.

Queen’s Bath This tide pool, which is about the size of a swimming pool is located below cliffs, along the rocky shoreline. Although there might be an amount of danger that is involved, this makes for a truly amazing experience.

Princeville Ranch – Spread over 2500 acres, this ranch also hosts an 8-cable zip-line course, hiking, recreation centre, and kayaking. This Ranch is world famous for its quality and hospitality.

Napali Coast – This is indeed a wonderful place that must be at the top of every tourist’s itinerary. The views are truly breath taking, and let you experience the renowned Hawaiian natural beauty.

Makai Golf Course – This 18-hole golf course, located all across the Princeville Resort, is famous for its sweeping ocean views and tropical setting. It is affordable and the quality of service is excellent.

Restaurants and shopping

There are a number of restaurants and hotels in Princeville that specialise in local cuisines and seafood. No Hawaiian vacation is complete without trying out authentic local cuisine. Restaurants such as The Tavern and Infigo’s serve excellent seafood at affordable rates. There are also a number of small shops along the beach front that sell authentic Hawaiian handicrafts and souvenirs.