Poipu is a coastal town located in Kauai County in the state of Hawaii. It is an extremely popular tourist spot. It is a wonderful place to live in, especially for those seeking to spend their lives in a calm and comforting environment. It is particularly an ideal place for senior citizens to retire, providing a comfortable ad relaxing lifestyle. The amenities are adequate and the town is well connected to other parts of Hawaii.


Poipu has weather conditions similar to that of any coastal Hawaiian town. The humidity is higher than land locked regions, and the weather is sunny and pleasant almost throughout the year. There aren’t any extreme climatic conditions. The town hardly experiences hurricanes or torrential rains. The precipitation is adequate to prevent water shortages or any water problems. The weather is ideal to enjoy summertime outdoor activities all through the year.

Temperature variations between day and night are not much, being only 10 to 12 degree Celsius. The warmest month of the year is September and the coldest month is January. In September the average temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit and in January the average temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The average precipitation is 44.11 inches. The wettest month of the year is December. February also experiences a fair amount of rainfall. Rainfall is otherwise evenly distributed almost throughout the year, ensuring that no month experiences any water shortages.

Real estate

Rentals – If you are looking to move to Poipu for a short period of time, it is recommended that you take up a house or condominium on rent. There are a large number of homes available on rent. Generally, one year leases have to be signed. The rent varies depending on the locality, size of the house and whether it is furnished or not. To have a good idea about the rates of houses on rent, do a quick survey of the neighbourhood.

Property – Real estate in Poipu is going through a rough patch. The median sales prices for homes and condominiums are low, and if you are looking to move to Poipu for a long period of time, now would be the ideal time to buy a house. There are a number of real estate agents and brokers who will guide you through the process of buying a house.  Also, a little amount of negotiation will go a long way in saving a lot of money.


The people of Poipu form a close-knit community. They are hard working and yet lead a peaceful and comfortable life. The racial make-up is diverse, with most of the population being white. The people are extremely friendly and hospitable. They are open to different cultures and make it a point to celebrate every one of them. They are welcoming and try to ensure that new residents don’t feel out of place.


Poipu is not a great town in terms of education. The elementary and high school located in the town do provide quality education but the residents often look for alternate schools in nearby towns and cities.


The people of Poipu lead a peaceful life. They have a comfortable standard of living. The crime rates are fairly low and the facilities available are adequate.


Most of Poipu’s revenue is from the tourism sector. Despite this, the per capita income is as high as $35,800. The median income for a household is $62,396.