Oahu’s North Shore is a beautiful area, with pristine beaches, lush forests, friendly people and a combination of a constant buzz of activity and stillness.


There is hardly a climate change between winter and summer. Most of the days are either “mostly sunny” or “partly cloudy”, with the average temperature falling within the range 73°F - 81°F. Rainfall is generally brief and light, although it increases with altitude. From May through October are the months with least amount of rainfall. June and July are the driest months. The annual average rainfall is 28.41 inches. The north short of Oahu is famous for the tremendous waves in winter, which is an attraction for a large number of professional surfers.

Real estate

Rentals – A large number of condos and homes are available for rent for different price ranges. The houses available for long term rent range from small apartments to large sea-facing homes along the beach. Most of these have a one year lease. These can be furnished or unfurnished, depending on the realtor, location and price.

North Shore Real estate sales have increased over the past year, although there has been a decrease in prices. Thus, if you’re planning to move to Oahu’s North Shore and your stay is for a couple of years or more, buying a property would be a wise investment. As the prices are said to increase, now would be a time as good as any to invest in the real estate market of Oahu.


The people of the north shore of Oahu are among the friendliest and most helpful. They belong to different walks of life and instantly instil a sense of adventure in you. As Hawaii as such is a popular tourist location, they are accommodative and ready to help. Surfing is the most popular sport and there are a number of art activities that go on throughout the year.


Sea food is quite obviously the most popular. There are a number of authentic local delicacies and dishes. The local cuisine is characteristic of the Hawaiian Islands. There are a number of cuisines, such as Mexican, Chinese, and Italian that are also available.


Oahu’s North Shore lifestyle has something for everyone. For the adventure seeker, there are a number of adventure activities and sports that he/she can engage in. Surfing is the most popular sport, and the northern shore is home to world-class surfing schools, instructors and trained professionals. The waves in different locations are ideal for different levels of surfers. Scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing, and kayaking are other activities that are offered. Not only water sports, air-borne adventures such as gliding and sky diving are also popular. On land, camping, hiking, biking and rock climbing are all adventure activities that locals and visiting tourists engage in. For the laid-back person, the beaches offer fun and frolic. Amongst its vast stretches of beaches and breath-taking views, Oahu’s North Shore offers artistic refuge for the culturally inclined. There are a number of activities that happen all through the year. The Polynesian Cultural Centre stages shows and dances from various Pacific Island Nations such as Fiji and Tahiti. They offer insights into the daily activities of their inhabitants. Art is an important part of the Oahu lifestyle. Art galleries are abundant and annual art shows are held.

The north shore of Oahu is one of those few places where work meets play, in the midst of nature’s beauty, where life is lived to its fullest.