The beautiful Ko Olina Resort and Marina are situated on the leeward coast of Oahu, Hawaii. The resort community is fast gaining popularity amongst the public. Picturesque landscapes, well built communities and a convenient network of markets make moving to this area greatly worthwhile. The place spoils one for choices. From cosy single homes to palatial condominiums, there are a range of options to select from according to one’s taste and affordability. Here is looking at the reasons why one would consider moving to the Ko Olina Resort community.


Deep blue oceans, white sand beaches and clear blue skies make the resort a dream location for most. A far cry from the hustle bustle of Honolulu, Ko Olina provides you with peace and a sense of comfort in finding a home away from home. The four man-made lagoons Kolola, Ulua, Hanu, and Nai'a accentuate the exquisite beauty of this location. The lagoons have wide pathways around them which can be used for biking, strolling etc. Apart from the breath-taking scenic beauty of this place, Ko Olina is also well equipped with every facility meant to make life comfortable, easy and secure.

The Ko Olina community

Ko olina resort features beautifully designed residential communities surrounded by beautiful five star hotels and resort villas. There are six communities in totality. The communities offer you a variety to select from according to your own needs. An individual according to his/ her taste can select the community to settle down in. For example, the Coconut Plantations community are done up beautifully in plantation village like settings whereas the Kai Lani community comprises of architectural Hawaiian style houses.  The communities have recreation centres, barbecues, swimming pools and are walking distance from the beaches.

Housing Options

Buyers have the option of choosing between single homes, townhouses, condominiums and pent houses. There are townhouses with well done spacious interiors and beautiful landscapes that one can settle for. If a person’s foremost need is privacy then he can invest in independent well furnished single houses. The number of bedrooms can vary from two to three to four according to one’s requirements. There are also magnificent condominiums and pent houses with a splendid view of the ocean. The buyers can settle for a golf course or ocean frontage according to their likes. The properties are also fitted with modern day amenities for the buyer’s comfort.


In terms of facilities Ko Olina ensures that the buyer enjoys world class facilities.  Well equipped markets, retail stores, shopping venues, fine dining joints and vibrant nightclubs are some of the luxuries provided here. Being a part of the local community also enables the members to get a discount in the shops, spas, restaurants etc. The local community also works towards the education and employment growth of the area. There is a well constructed golf course and five star hotels which attract celebrities from around the world to this place.  There are a number of recreational activities like kayaking, diving, snorkelling, cruising etc that one can enjoy here.


The prime reason for shifting to this place is because of the lifestyle it offers.  Along with providing one with peace and seclusion, it also allows one to enjoy a comfortable Hawaiian beach life. There are 24x7 manned security arrangements too, if required. Mixing with the community, working for the Ko Olina Club while blissfully enjoying the pristine beauty of nature fused with the comforts and luxuries of modern day living is what makes this destination a growing craze in today’s time.