Hanalei is a beautiful town located in the north shore of the island of Kauai, near the mouth of the Hanalei River. With a population of just about five hundred, the relaxed ambience makes it a great place to live in. It is also a popular tourist spot. It is home to Lumahai Beach, and which has featured in several film productions and television shows.


Being a coastal town, Hanalei has moderate climate conditions throughout the year. There are no extreme weather conditions at any time of the year, the extremes being sunny and heavy rainfall. The average precipitation is 1.28 inches in January and 0.33 inches in June. Adequate rainfall, coupled with its proximity to the Hanalei River insulates the town from water shortages and problems. The average temperature is 42.6 F in January and 59.3 F in June. With near-ideal weather conditions throughout the year, Hanalei is a wonderful place to live in.

Real estate

Rentals – As the population of Hanalei is low and because it is a popular tourist spot, it is not entirely easy to obtain a house on rent. There are, however, brokers who can help you find houses on rent. One-year leases are the norm. The prices vary depending on the location and size of the house and whether the house is furnished or not.

Properties Real estate in Hanalei is growing. If you’re looking to move to the town for a long period of time, it is recommended you buy a house instead of taking one for rent. Now is an ideal time to buy a house as the prices are predicted to increase further. Also, Hanalei is a great place for an investment in real estate as it is a popular tourist spot and a favourite of the Hollywood industry.


The people of Hanalei form a well-knit community. The racial make-up is diverse, with 57% being White, 18% being Asian and 3% being Pacific Islander. Hispanics and Latinos make up 4.81% of the population. The residents are extremely friendly and hospitable. As the town is a perfect blend of the old and the new, the residents embrace new cultures while having a strong hold on their own culture. The annual Tahiti Fete Festival is hosted by Hanalei, though residents make it a point to celebrate festivals of every culture.


Education is perhaps the only draw-back to this peaceful town. It is home to the Hanalei Elementary School, which is recognised by the Hawaii Department of Education. However, for secondary and higher education, the residents have to look for schools near the town. As Hanalei is in close proximity to a number of big towns, its residents do not see this as a major problem.


Hanalei is one of those very few popular tourist spots which is free from the hassles associated with a continuous influx of tourists. The residents enjoy a relaxed ambience and comfortable standard of living. The town is famous for its artists. There is also a traditional generation of farmers who continue to maintain taro farms. There are always things to do but the town remains peaceful and serene. Hanalei is undoubtedly one of the calmest places to live in. The crime rates are also low.


Hanalei is a silent town. Its revenue comes from the tourism industry as well as agriculture. It is far away from industrial influence. The median household income is $34,375 and the median family income is $55,750. Although these aren’t high compared to cities and bigger towns, a high standard of living is still experienced by its residents. The per capita income is $21,241.