Makakilo is primarily a residential area. Located below it is Kapolei, a popular tourist spot. It is in close proximity to a number of popular tourist locations but is devoid of any of the hassles of being a popular tourist spot in itself and is hence a great place to live.


Makakilo experiences a warm climate almost throughout the year. As it is located at an altitude of 400 feet, the weather is ideal. The average temperature is 73.4 F, and there are no extreme weather conditions. There is no snowfall and the average rainfall per year is 34.25 inches, which makes it not too went and not too dry. The average number of days in a year with precipitation of 0.1 inches or more is 36.36. This means that for most part of the year, your daily routine will not be affected due to the weather conditions, making Makakilo an ideal place to live, in terms of weather.

Real estate

Rentals – Since Makakilo is primarily a residential area, there is never a shortage of homes and apartments that are given out on lease. Most realtors offer contracts that have a one-year lease. The rent prices differ depending of the size of the house required, whether it’s furnished or unfurnished and the locality. Before choosing a realtor, make sure that the company is registered and the agent is licensed. Also, make a thorough survey of the prices and lease rates in different localities.

Property – If you’re planning to stay in Makakilo for a long period of time, then it is advisable to buy a house instead of signing one-year leases. The median price for house sales is $465,000 but the prices have been falling. The mortgage rates are also reasonable and affordable. Now would be the best time to buy property as it is predicted that the prices will increase in the future. Even while buying a property, go through a trusted realtor and mortgage broker. Always remember that a little negotiation can go a long way in saving money.


Makakilo has a population of 13,156. The people form a well-knit community and come from various different cultures and backgrounds. Asians are the most in number, being 32.08% of the population. The people of Makakilo are extremely accommodating and hospitable. They have a strong sense of community and even though the population is diverse, they live in peace and harmony.


There are a number of world-class hospitals in close proximity to Makakilo City. Hawaii Medical Centre West, located 5 miles away in Ewa Beach is the closest acute care hospital providing emergency services. Wahiawa General Hospital, located 11 miles away is a voluntary, non-profit private hospital also providing acute care services and emergency care.


20% of the population is employed in public administration, 16% in construction, 10% in retail trade, and only 5% in professional, technical and scientific services. The median income of a household is $66,515. Only 6.1% of the population is unemployed.


90.1% of the population has passed high school and 26.3% has a bachelor’s degree. Makakilo offers quality education and schooling. There are a number of private and public school in and in close proximity to Makakilo. The people of Makakilo lay great importance on education and urge their children to pursue a bachelor’s degree after high school. There are also a number of technical institutes and universities within 25 miles of the city.


The people of Makakilo are a perfect example of unity in diversity. There is a great deal that can be learnt from the various cultures existing in the city. The people lead a simple yet comfortable life.