Mililani is arguably one of the finest places to reside in. Voted as the best place in the US by Money magazine, it is a master planned community which offers affordable and high standards of living. It is similar to a typical American suburban town and has all the facilities including its own shopping malls, recreational and community centres. It is the only community in Hawaii to earn the distinction of being an All-American City. It has been planned and developed by world class architects with an aim of making it a satellite city. It is primarily a residential area, with every need and necessity being satisfied.


Mililani has a pleasant climate almost throughout the year. It is warm and sunny during the summers and cloudy and cool during the winters. There aren’t any extreme climate conditions or weather changes. The average temperature is 42.6 F in January and 59.3 F in July. It is the perfect example of a town where the weather is “neither too hot, nor too cold”. The average precipitation is 0.33 cm in June and in January, 1.28 cm. The town thus experiences sufficient amount of rainfall to prevent any water problems or shortages. In terms of weather, Mililani is an ideal place to live in.

Real estate

Mililani is one of the wealthiest zip codes in the state of Hawaii. It is a highly sought after place to live in. The properties, although highly valued are still affordable and are of quality.

Rentals - As the town is primarily a residential area, there are a number of houses available on rent. Generally, leases are for a year, after which they either have to be renewed or a new house should be looked for. The prices vary depending on the size of the house, its location and whether it is furnished or unfurnished. There are a number of realtors and brokers who can be contacted for any information regarding houses on rent.

Properties - If you’re moving to Mililani for a long period of time, it is recommended that you buy a house instead of living on rent. The median sales and listing prices have been increasing and now would be the ideal time to buy a house in Mililani as it is expected that the prices will increase further. It is advisable to obtain quotes from various real estate agents and check the average sales prices before buying a property. Since Mililani is a region where the real estate market is only expected to grow, buying a property can also be looked at as an investment with guaranteed returns.

People and lifestyle

Mililani has a population of over 26,000. The residents have a strong sense of community and culture. They are hospitable and friendly and engage in a number of activities all year around. It is also the future site of Oahu Arts Centre. The people of Mililani enjoy a fairly comfortable lifestyle. They are in constant pursuit of developing the town and making it a better place to live in.


Mililani has very good schools, both public and private. U.S.  Department of Education named one of the first grade teachers in Mililani Ike Elementary School, Hawaii’s American Star of Teaching. The Hawaii Department of Education operates the public schools. Hanalani School is one of the most popular public schools in the town.


The Mililani Technological Park is an area that has specially been developed for high-tech industries. It is located near the town. It is campus-like and will do wonders for employment and development of industries in Mililani. The town is an excellent place to work in.