Ewa Plain is noted for being an area of Master Planned Communities, some of which have gained worldwide notoriety. As one of the most newly developed communities on both Oahu as well as in the entire State of Hawaii, there is still a great deal of construction going on and the development plan isn’t projected to near completion until around the year 2020. This makes for a wide assortment of real estate investment opportunities, some of which have a great deal of potential for high profitability.

Using Current Market Conditions to Weigh Risk

At the moment it is recommended that you carefully plan Ewa Plain real estate investment strategies based on current market conditions. As mentioned, there are an amazing number of potentially lucrative investment properties available, but it is imperative to understand what is going on with the economy in order to better project property values in the coming years in terms of which types of properties are expected to do well as opposed to those with greater inherent amounts of risk.


Ewa Plain Property among the Most Reasonably Priced on Oahu

Before going any further, consider the fact that economists are saying that we have not bottomed out as of yet and the economy will almost certainly get worse before it gets better. This does not mean you should not invest in Ewa Plain real estate – quite the contrary. What it means is that you should look at several different investment strategies to see which best meets your needs. First and foremost, consider the fact that Ewa Plain real estate is currently among the most affordable both on the Island of Oahu as well as in Hawaii.

Investing Now for Future Returns

The location of Ewa Plain makes it prime real estate for investment purposes because of its proximity to Honolulu and trendy tourist spots like Waikiki. However, it is essential to analyze current market conditions that have been brought about due to a faltering economy. Many investors are finding that this is not the time to put their money into the development of apartment complexes or condominiums. Instead, investors are looking towards snatching up single family residences and single condominiums to hold onto in order to flip in the future as the market rights itself again.

Coveted Coastal Oahu Properties

As an investor, you almost certainly have an investment strategy in place which makes up the bulk of your portfolio. Ewa Plain, on the other hand, is unique real estate in that there will always be those with money to spend and properties in a tropical paradise are limited. At the moment there may be an abundance of them due to the newness of development in this area, but that will not last. Without sounding cliché, location is everything and any time you can purchase reasonably priced property, fee simple especially, along a coastline as coveted as that on the Island of Oahu, you should seriously consider this as a wise investment.

Short Sales and Foreclosures

The average family may be running into financial difficulties but this should not reflect on the overall marketability of real estate in a given market area. Actually, the economy is still booming on Oahu as it holds some of the most trendy tourist attractions in Hawaii. If you can find a property listed as a short sale to avoid foreclosure or even a foreclosure property, you will find that it is not unheard of to make an offer below market value. This would be an amazing opportunity for an individual investor since it is projected that real estate on Oahu has nowhere to go but up.

Many corporate investors are steering clear of commercial investments at the moment since those buildings/developments have a greater potential to go bust. What we are seeing is corporate investors buying up single family residences and individual units in multi-family buildings as opposed to placing their money in the development of new commercial projects. If you are looking to invest in Oahu real estate, Ewa Plain should be one of your first areas to research because prices are low and demand is high.