As one of the newest communities in Hawaii, Ewa Plain is perhaps also one of the most attractive both in price as well as in location. Just a 40 minute drive to the bustling city of Honolulu, Ewa Plain is an area on the southwest coast of Oahu that was once occupied by sugar cane fields and the Ewa Plain Mill. Although the commute to the city may be a bit lengthy for anyone working there, the comparatively low cost of real estate is well worth the extra few minutes in traffic.

Preserving the Natural Habitat

In the late 1980’s, construction began in what was to be one of Hawaii’s most amazing series of master planned communities and there has been so much growth in this area of Oahu that describing it is beyond mere words. There is a significant focus on preserving much of the natural habitat of the area while providing more than 28,000 home sites to be built up within a prospective target date of the year 2020.

High Incomes – Affordable Real Estate

According to recent statistics, residents of Ewa Plain net the second highest income per capita on the island while being blessed with real estate on Oahu that is certainly among the most affordable. It is still possible to purchase a previously owned home for less than $300k while new homes can range anywhere from $400k to $1,000,000. In fact, previously owned condominiums can even be found at prices under $200k. This is unheard of elsewhere on Oahu, especially since this is the most visited of the Hawaiian Islands and the island with the biggest economy, largely because of the tourist attractions here.

Fantastic Investment Properties

One of the most alluring aspects of real estate in Ewa Plain is the fact that each of the master planned communities has a little something different to offer residents. Homes vary in size and price while there are quite a number of rental properties which were snatched up by savvy investors. Whether you are looking for a piece of paradise to call home or a place to find a tidy return on your investment, this would certainly be an area to consider while real estate is still as affordable as it currently is.

Seemingly Endless Amenities and Attractions

There is almost no end to the amenities and attractions in Ewa Plain as there are golf courses, miles and miles of sandy beaches, world class restaurants, shopping, parks and of course a number of historic landmarks drawing visitors such as the Ewa Plain Mill and the Oahu Railway and Land Company. Although the Railway has long been closed down, it brings thousands of visitors each year because of the role it played in the development of Oahu as well as its importance in both WWI and WWII.

Key Neighborhoods in Ewa Plain

Considered to be a beachside community, there are several neighborhoods of note, each with a master planned layout that varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. Communities of note would include Ewa, Ewa Beach, Ewa Villages, Kapolei, Kapolei Aeloa, Kapolei Knolls, Ko Olina, Leeward Estates, Ocean Pointe, Westlock Estates and Westlock Fairway. Keep in mind that although you may hear the term ‘previously owned,’ in terms of homes and condos, this is the most newly developed area of Oahu so there really aren’t many homes older than perhaps 20 to 25 years. In fact, there is still a great deal of construction underway.

Although there are a greater number of year-round residents in this area of Oahu, Ewa Plain does boast plenty of properties that were purchased as vacation rentals or for that coveted tropical home-away-from home. For families looking for affordable luxury or investors wanting a good return on their money, Ewa Plain is considered prime real estate and perhaps one of the best buys you’ll find this side of heaven.