It is almost impossible anymore to find actual oceanfront property anywhere on earth, let alone in the coveted Hawaiian Islands. Yet, there are still some wonderful tracts of land in and near Kaneohe with oceanfront views to the east and the majesty of the mountains to the west. Considering the fact that this land is so near the City of Honolulu and on the most populous of the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, there are some amazing deals to be found with a little bit of negotiating skill and a local buyer’s broker.

Investor’s Paradise

There are a number of parcels which have already been subdivided and zoned for multi-family purposes which is where some condominiums are already being built. However, there are still adjacent lots, some large enough for up to six or more units. Some lots have been zoned residential while some are zoned mixed use and there are a few areas of commercial property still available as well. Since this side (the eastern Windward side) of the island is not nearly as built up as the western side with the City of Honolulu and trendy Waikiki Beach, investors can and should grab these amazing parcels while they are still available.

Buy Now – Build Later

Many people would love to plan for their retirement now, but would not like the expense of financing a home that they may not inhabit for several years to come. As a result, oceanfront property in Kaneohe that has been zoned residential and still at reasonable prices makes an ideal way to plan for the future. There was a time when states such as Florida and California had deals like this, but those coastal parcels are long gone. Even so, Hawaii has a much better climate as it is temperate all year long and the Windward side of Oahu is actually even more moderate than the western side of the island.

Owner Financing

At a time when banks and mortgage lenders are reluctant to write new loans, it is always refreshing to find land where owner financing is available. Sometimes this land was purchased with the intent of constructing a housing development or multi-family buildings, but for one reason or another, the project fell through. For whatever reason, there is still land available in Kaneohe with the option for owner financing.

Finding a Local Builder

One of the things you may want to discuss with your broker prior to buying land on Oahu, and in Kaneohe in particular, is for references for local builders. Although the land may be purchased for a great price, it will at some point in time be necessary to build a home on that land. If you are looking to build almost immediately, check the price per square foot as well as whether or not those builders can do the construction to your specs or if they prefer to build from their plans. This is one of the most important considerations before buying property if you plan to build in the near future.

Whether you are looking for property as part of an investment portfolio or on which to build a home in paradise, Kaneohe has some of the loveliest oceanfront properties still available anywhere on earth. Keep in mind that there are few properties anywhere in the United States that are as pristine as these parcels in Kaneohe and it won’t be long before these are snatched up as well.