Real estate in Hawaii is trending upward, and real estate on the Big Island is trending upwards as well. Many people now realize that this is the perfect time to buy a home based on factors such as availability and lower than ever interest rates. The Big Island of Hawaii (Hawaii Island) is home to some beautiful single-family homes, townhouses and condos. Plus, the Big Island also has tons of vacant land for sale at very reasonable rates. All things point upward for Big Island Property and now is the time to get in on it.

Take the Kailua Kona side of the Big Island for example. Current trends point toward strong activity in the residential market. There has been a nice increase in home sales, while we have seen a decrease in overall inventory for the area.

In line with Kauai and Maui, the overall outlook of foreclosures and distressed properties on the Big Island has also started to decline. This is a welcomed sign for sellers, as Hawaii may be starting to trend to a point where the real estate market starts to benefit both sellers and buyers. We all know that it is a buyer’s market right now, but many sellers have waited and waited to sell and they may be starting to see a positive trend towards the seller’s side of things.

There are great condo buys available at Mauna Kea resort, and this isn’t the only Big Island development that is currently booming. Many properties are getting multiple offers, and getting them fast. This trend shows how ready and willing buyers are right now to pull the trigger on a beautiful single-family home, townhouse or condo on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The fact if the matter is this: Since the housing crisis in 2008 most markets have struggled. However, the overall market in Hawaii has always been a bit ahead of the curve, and with the current outlook for real estate trends on the Big Island you can see that the market here is also ahead of most markets around the nation.

While buyers are coming out in droves to purchase single-family homes, townhouses and condos all over the Big Island, many sellers are still waiting for their chance to pounce. It shouldn’t be too long, as many trends are pointing to the fact that Hawaii Real Estate trends are starting to again move towards sellers being able to make some money. While we are not there yet, we are way ahead of other seller’s markets around the nation.

If you are on the market for a single-family home, townhouse or condo on the Big Island, then take a minute to do some searches and really peek into all the excitement that is going on within the Big Island community.

With interest rates lower than ever, now is a prime time to buy real estate on the Big Island, Hawaii. Don’t wait, that amazing single-family home, townhouse or condo can be yours for a lot less than you realize.