Even though Kahala is known for its luxurious mansions on some of the state’s most expensive real estate, there really is plenty to do in and near Kahala. Whether you are planning a stay at the prestigious Kahala Resort and Hotel or are just visiting from the nearby neighborhoods of Kaimuki or Waialae, keep in mind that there is more to this elite neighborhood than multi-million dollar homes.

Public Access to Secluded Beaches

One of the perks of living in or visiting an elite neighborhood such as Kahala is that the beaches are far less crowded than other public beaches. Of course the homes with beachfront property are restricted from the public, but there are still plenty of pristine white beaches for the enjoyment of visitors and inland dwellers. In fact, the beaches in Kahala are the perfect place for quiet wedding vows or renewal ceremonies simply because there aren’t likely to be many onlookers.

Shopping in Kahala

What would a visit to Kahala be without visiting one of Hawaii’s favorite malls? The Kahala Mall is quite close to Diamond Head and only minutes from Waikiki. There is a Macy’s, Barnes & Noble, a huge Whole Foods Market and Consolidated’s Kahala’s Theater. There are literally dozens of specialty shops for that last minute souvenir and if you can’t find what you are looking for on the first level try the second level. Then there are the unique rooftop shops which few malls can boast of!

Welcome to Shangri La

Most museums or arts & cultural centers we would like to visit are anything exciting to others in our group. However, Shangri La, built per the specifications of Doris Duke, is considered to be an architectural marvel that blends elements of Hawaiian and Islamic décor. It is said to hold one of the largest collections of Islamic art in the Western World and it is open to the public. Kids especially like viewing the sandy beaches and 75ft saltwater pool while adults are most fond of the amazing arts and live performances within.

Free Dolphin Show for Kids of All Ages

You will not need to stay at the Kahala Hotel & Resort to enjoy the daily free dolphin show at feeding time. Kids of all ages love to watch the playful dolphins living in the lagoon perform their tricks at feeding time. The dolphins are fed three times daily at 11, 2 and 4. Before or after watching these playful creatures take the time to walk around the grounds awhile and enjoy the tropical flower gardens the waterfalls and of course the lagoon with the dolphins.

Kahala may be the land of the rich and famous but it is also a place to visit some attractions you may not find anywhere else in the Islands. From luxurious mansions to secluded beaches, something definitely not common in paradise, Kahala has it all. You may need to be a millionaire to live here but you can certainly visit and enjoy some amazing sights!