Keolu Elementary School

1416 Keolu Drive

Kailua, HI 96734

Honolulu County

Phone: (808) 266-7818

Grades PK-6 - Public school - 186 students


Keolu Elementary School is located in the Enchanted Lake area of Keoulu Drive Oahu, Hawaii. The school has around 190 students with a solid faculty and staff of 33. The school provides an warm and fun environment within the Keolu and the Waimanalo communities in order to foster a high level of student achievement and overall well-being.

Keolu follows the principle of General Learner Outcomes which develop students into self directed learners, effective communicators, community contributors, quality producers, complex thinkers, and effective and ethical technology users. Keolu’s mission statement focuses on providing an educational experience that is nurturing and empowering for each student to reach their maximum potentials. Keolu adheres by the belief that these can be achieved through the active participation and cooperation of all parents, teachers, students and school staff. The school curriculum is based on national standards that ensure each student to reach their goals and ultimate success.

The Keolu Elementary School is proud to have their own library, Primary School Adjustment Program, a web based literacy program through technology, a parent Community Networking Center, PTSA, and a Keolu School Community Council. The school’s facilities, programs, and activities make it a true and active member of its community all for the development and education of their children and the community they are part of.

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