Farrington High School

1564 North King Street

Honolulu, HI 96817

Phone: (808) 832-3600

Grades 9-12

Public school

2579 students


Named after the sixth governor of Hawaii, the Governor Wallace Rider Farrington High School is Hawaii’s largest populated public high school with its 2,400 students. Farrington High School first opened in 1936 with only 738 sophomore students. Now, the school has greatly increased its numbers, also with 160 teachers and faculty members. The school brings forth high academic standards, mutual respect, good citizenship, and all the attributes of a student schooled the Farrington way. This co-educational high school follows the trimester school calendar and offers grades 9th to 12th for both boys and girls. Farrington High School is located at North King Street Honolulu, Hawaii.

Farrington High School is also known as a school with great focus on science and technology. The school colors are maroon and white. Farrington has created many high school graduates who have gone on to higher education. There are those who have made their state and nation proud with their achievements. The high school is proud of its culture that embodies the many cultures of the Pacific region. With its mission statement of “Working Together, Learning Together, In Balance and Harmony”, Farrington High School’s staff and faculty are all committed to provide the students the way to their goals and dreams.

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