Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach Photo

Sunset beach is without exception the widest beach on Oahu. This beautiful beach is home to one of the most visited and enjoyed surfing spots in Hawaii. Sunset beach is also home to the well know Triple Crown of Surfing. It is widely used by many other surf contests simply because of it's 10 foot swells.

During the summer month’s, people use the beach for easy roadside park access and spent the day in the beautiful waters. Some of the Sunset beach activities are swimming, surfing, and bodyboarding. The dangerous part of Sunset Beach is the high surf. There is a lifeguard on duty everyday, and before entering the water, one should talk to the lifeguard first. The beach has excess to portable restrooms and roadside parking.

Surf season starts in October and ends in May. In the winter months, the beach is greatly reduced in size by the erosion of the surf, and the 200 feet width is considerably less. However, even when the size is down the people that surf the immense swells describe it as the most exiting and dangerous challenge they have ever ridden. For a show of extreme battle against nature, winter is the time to be on Sunset beach.

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