Moving to Oahu

Oahu is truly an amazing place to live, so if you’re already decided you’re moving to Oahu then congratulations! All of Hawaii offers breath-taking scenery, warm & welcoming locals, and a never ending list of things to do for fun. However, Oahu combines all of this with extensive shopping, job opportunities, great schools and more. Honolulu is found on Oahu, where you can never run out of things to do. You’ll find a fascinating array of restaurants and activities in this area. If you’re moving to Hawaii, the information compiled below will come in handy.

School System Parents who are moving to Oahu will be happy to know there are hundreds of excellent schools in the area, both private and public. With an average student to teacher ratio around 16:1, you know that your children will get the attention they deserve. Pearl City is found in Honolulu County and is home to the Pearl City High School. If you have high-school-aged children that are musically inclined, they’ll probably be thrilled to discover the highly respected band here; this band commonly performs in the Rose Bowl Parade. To inquire about public K-12 schools visit To inquire about private schools visit . Regardless of which school, the following are required to register:

• Birth certificate
• A certificate of release and proficiency from the last school attended
• Proof of medical examination within 12 months prior to school enrollment
•Proof of immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles, mumps and rubella, a negative tuberculin test or x-ray

Transportation If you’re still deciding on exactly where you’re going to live on Oahu, you should consider where you’re going to be working. Traffic is very busy here during peak hours and can be frustrating. Of course, there’s an excellent bus system in place that runs through the entire island. No matter where you live there will probably be a bus stop very near-by. It’s very affordable, just a couple bucks, and you also save money by cutting back on buying gasoline. There’s even a boat system that may suit your needs. But if you’re going to be driving, explore different routes to where you’ll be working and try to avoid peak traffic times. Are you going to bring your car to Oahu with you, buy a new one, or rent one? There are plenty of companies that specializing in shipping your car to Oahu for you. If you’re going to rent, keep in mind you’ll need to be 25-years-old, and have a license, major credit card, and insurance.

The Language Once you’re on the island, you may not understand some of what you hear. It always helps to understand the people in a new place, and understanding the language is a major step forward. Here’s a little information to help you understand some of the slang you may come across when talking to your new neighbors. If someone asks you “Like beef?” they aren’t asking you if you like steak. This means “Do you wanna fight?” Stink eye means a dirty look or scouring at someone. A Kamaaina is a Hawaiian resident, a wahine is a woman, and ohana means family.

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