Living on Maui

All kinds of people decide that living on Maui is the only thing to do, pick and move, and do just that. What is the fuss? Why all the fascination about living on Maui? Well, if you ask 100 people that, you’ll probably end up with 100 answers on your hands. There’s just something about Maui and it seems to have a place tucked away for people from all walks of life. When you visit Maui you’ll notice something different, it isn’t quite like the mainland. Many people who visit wonder what it is about living on Maui that makes everyone here seem so happy and tranquil. Maybe it’s the gentle roar of the waterfalls, the hundreds of miles of shoreline that make up over an incredible 80 beaches, or maybe it’s just that X factor you can’t put your finger on. That may contribute to why Maui has been named the best island in the world more than once by the annual Conde Nast Traveler reader’s poll.

Maui is found right smack, dab in the bull’s eye of the populated Hawaiian islands. You can even see five of the other islands from Maui, right there staring back at you. It makes sense that Maui translates to “middle child”. Living on Maui gives you a feeling of belonging and being safe. It’s quite unexplainable. Family, or ohana as they say, is at the center of life here. Living on Maui could easily give you neighbors that have several generations living under one roof. There may be a retired deli shop owner, an up and coming attorney, and a stay-at-home-mom with her 3 children! That’s Maui for you. You also won’t find too many locals here that place any kind of special emphasis on fame and fortune, or personal ambition for that matter. Too much, not good; plenty is all right. That’s a pretty common feeling around Maui.

Maui is not only a fascinating place to live, but there’s quite an interesting belief about this area. Some say that it’s part of a geological formation; Maui Nui, or Great Maui. This larger formation includes all of Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe, and Molokai. There have been geologists that say 300 feet below the sea is where all the islands come together. Respectively, these islands make up Maui County. Living on Maui gives you a never-ending world to explore. Throughout its 727 square miles, you’ll find three peaks rising into the clouds. Nestled into the world below the peaks are thousands of waterfalls, valleys, rainforests, and wildlife you’ll rarely seen anywhere else… if anywhere else. If you dive into the surrounding waters, you’re greeted with brilliant reefs and coves that are home to spectacular underwater creatures. There are awe-inspiring volcanic areas that remind you how small we really are in the big picture, and that the land is in control here. Living on Maui definitely gives you a sense of serenity, happiness, and respect for both people and nature.